High-quality laser cleaning products

Anilox Cleaning - A delicate task

As Anilox rolls get clogged with dried ink, cleaning is regularly needed. While conventional methods tend to create lots of dust, noise, chemical waste or they even attack the fine structure,  P-Laser developed a plug & play cleaning unit. 

With our years of experience, cleaning printing rollers on-press, we now offer an Off-line cleaning system. This gives companies the possibility to clean their printing rolls within hours instead of days. No more concern about the delicate and costly transportation from now on!

Years and years of intensive testing in our lab and lots of satisfied customers confirmed our lasers are best suited. No damage is done to the rollers as they are cleaned repeatedly. The hole depth increases significantly, likewise the printing quality is taken to another level. 

Take care of your Anilox equipment, handle it with P-Laser cleaning technology 

OFF-Press: Closed systems ACS

 We offer a standard closed laser system class 1. You can choose different laser power units from 10 up until 100 watt. 

ON-Press: Open Linear drives

In a lot of situations it is only possible to clean the roller on-press. 

On demand we offer linear drives which can easily be mounted in front of the roller. 

You can choose between electrical en pneumatic driven systems.

Options :

- Rugged transport case.

- PC connection control unit.

- Camera control.

- Cleaning detection control.

- Volume measuring kit IFT.