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Laser Cleaning Applications

This is how it works and why laser cleaning should be your next investment

Remove Oxide Layers

 Removing oxide layers before a coating process or after welding 

Cleaning Moulds

In the rubber, plastic and tire industry there is a need to clean moulds after several hundred parts are cured.

Stone Cleaning

Laser cleaning is the best way to clean delicate stone structures.

Inline Paintstripping

 Lasers can make the difference in cost saving. 

Selective Paint Stripping

Application of laser radiation for stripping aircraft parts or special PTF coatings. 

Anilox Roller

It is quite common that anilox cells become clogged up with dried inks 

Inline cleaning for bakeries


General solutions used to clean metal surfaces consist of hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and hydrofluoric acids used either singly or mixed.