Inline Turnkey Projects

Case 1 : cleaning laminate floor moulding plates.

  • This is normally cleaned with chemicals and is very labor intensive. Production problems occur when the brilliance aspect differs over the moulding surface. This leads to brilliance differences in the laminate product . Chemical cleaning,brushing and polishing are difficult to master on these Cr-Ni surfaces. With laser cleaning you can overcome a lot of production problems. Our laser systems are designed to clean these moulding plates.  

Case 2 : cleanroom laser cleaning.

  • Contamination is building up on aluminium process drums. Chemical cleaning is required every shift to keep up with the production cycle.
  • For safety reasons and process improvement they want to look for other cleaning techniques. Laser cleaning was chosen.

Case 3 : wire cleaning.

Prior to plastification the wire surface must be cleaned. Laser cleaning is a solution.