High-quality laser cleaning products

Laser marking systems

Industrial marking system with robust control unit. Design and test different jobs trough CleanSweep©, use files (DXF, Jpeg, png, bmp...) or design it yourself. Upload to your system when the marking job is ready for operation. The jobs can be called by a  PLC-based controller for execution with an industrial safety system. Windows OS is only needed for creating and uploading a laser job and not for operating the laser system itself.  


The standard 19' inch racks with power from 10-100 watt. 

"CleanSweep©" & "SpinClean©"

 The unique cleaning software "CleanSweep©" will give you a powerful tool to control the laser settings to discover the ideal laser parameters. With "SpinClean©" you can soften up your cleaning action beyond imagination on sensitive materials.This innovative function 

makes it easy to obtain a smooth surface and eliminate edge-forming.

STL-O-1 + MRT-01 (mobile trolley) + 19' inch rack laser

Hook up the mobile scanner to an open laser station for marking purposes or for cleaning very precise components. This laser station is class 4, thus eye-protection must be taken care of. The open design however makes it easy to load larger components which are bigger than the working field.

Customized solutions can be provided on request.