High-quality laser cleaning products

All Cleaning Lasers are equipped with:

  • PLC controlled laser emission for maximum industrial security
  • 1D or 2D scanner, for manual use or robot integration
  • Unique cleaning software "CleanSweep©" for optimal process settings, smooth surface finish and prevention of surface damage
  • Industry-grade components
  • High quality laser source with the longest lifetime: >50.000 hrs!
  • Marking software   

Low Power (10W - 100W)

19" Low Power cleaning laser with machine optic PX-2D LPM

  • Air cooled
  • 19" rack units
    • With mobile optic for manual use
    • With machine optic for integration (left picture)
  • Options:
  • Mobile Trolley
  • Marking station

Mid to High Power (200W - 1000W)

PX-2D LP Mobile optic

  • Water Cooled (cooling installation included)
  • PX-2D high power optics
    • Mobile optic
    • Machine optic

Mobile Trolley MTR-01


Increase the mobility of laser cleaning with the mobile trolley. It fits in the back of your car and can be loaded by one person only.