Removing Oxide Layers

  • Electro-chemical brushing (TIG brush) is a well known technique. Although the results are satisfying, there are some dirty consequences.
    After using the expensive chemicals, the user has to make sure the surface is properly neutralized and the fluids have to be disposed afterward to not risk white contamination. Let's not forget the mess you're leaving behind and the unpleasant smell!  

Cleaning the weld seam with laser eliminates these problems completely! The system is

  • Non-contact, thus no wear 
  • Non-abrasive,  no material damage at all
  • No media needed, using only energy means the laser operates at extreme low operating cost,~1$/hr
  • No residue, an aspiration systems collects the dust, leaving the working area completely clean and fresh! 

  • Not only manual
    In contrast with some other techniques, laser cleaning is extremely suitable for integration in your production line.
    By it's parametric nature, the settings can be optimized for automatic cleaning. Obtain the same result, every day, the whole year through!   

  • Polished material,
    a nightmare for most operators! This material requires great care, using chemicals may do more wrong rather than good. Also in this field, laser cleaning is a suitable alternative or a valuable addition for the small corners which grinders can't reach! 

More possibilities:

Coating Pre-treatment for better adhesion

Weld inspection​ without material damage

Weld pre-treatment To ensure weld quality