Selective Paint Stripping

  • Selective paint stripping is a new cost saving technique with high precision. 
  • The elimination of masking the object will introduce significant time and cost gains.
  • The laser technique is a non-contact/non-abrasive process, no use of chemicals or blasting media ,a reduction in waste, automation and safe. 
  • PVDF and fluorinated polymer coatings are difficult to strip , the laser technique will do the job with significant gain on the environmental side. No chemicals and waste water will result with  Laser Cleaning! 
  • High power laser workstations will allow the removal of greater paint thicknesses and increase the process speed.
  • Therefore the use of laser technologies in the paint stripping of high-quality components, such as aeronautic components, will produce economic benefits with respect to the traditional techniques (chemical and mechanical) and will reduce the use of chemical products, which have a high environmental impact.